"The first trailer we bought from Earls Rv's was in 1987. We have done business with him ever since. He always does what he says will do and that goes a long way in my opinion. We will never go anywhere else."

–The Websters
Muskogee, OK

"Wow! We love our new travel trailer from Earl's RV. They made sure it was ready to go when we came to pick it up, and they made our buying experience a pleasure. It was definitely worth the drive to Muskogee."

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Why Go RVing?

Discover That Perfect Place. Before Everyone Else Does. The freedom to pursue your passions. The flexibility to pursue them when you want, where you want, how you want. The fun of a vacation experience unlike any other. Freedom, flexibility and fun: That’s the RV difference.

There’s taking a trip from Point A to Point B. And then there’s RVing. Recreation vehicles give you more control, convenience and comfort than other forms of travel. With an RV, you can hit the road more often, for longer periods, for less money.

The reasons you go RVing are the same reasons you take any vacation. To get a break from the daily routine. To be with family and friends. To rest. To relax. To see new places. But the difference between RVing and other types of vacations is that RVing allows you to truly achieve all those goals — and more.

Another difference? With RVing, there are no flights to catch. No security hassles. No long lines or lost luggage. No hauling heavy bags in and out of costly hotel rooms. No expensive unhealthy food.

RV owners surveyed by Harris Interactive cited escaping the routine of the everyday world, enjoying nature and resting, and relaxing and recharging their batteries as the main reasons for taking RV trips.

Is RVing Affordable?

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot on something called free time. RVs make economic sense. They allow you to do more while spending less. They provide unlimited options, even on a limited budget.

Many RV models allow a family of four to save up to 70 percent on vacation costs over other forms of travel. That’s a calculation that takes into account RV ownership costs, including payments, insurance, maintenance, tires, registration and depreciation.

Want to take your family of four to Orlando for a week? Traveling in a typical family motorhome will cost you 43 percent less than flying, renting a car, staying in a hotel and eating out. A trip to the Grand Canyon in a folding camping trailer will cost 52 percent less than driving and using hotels and restaurants.

PKF Consulting, an international travel and tourism research firm, recently conducted a complete vacation cost analysis. The study found that family RV vacations are more affordable than travel by personal car, train, airline, or cruise ship.

Not only do other forms of travel cost more, the outlay typically covers only one vacation. Not so with an RV. It’s ready to go again whenever you are.

It all adds up. RVing gives you the most for your vacation dollars.

What Kinds of Options are Available?

First-time RV travelers may be surprised at all the modern conveniences and creature comforts available in many of today’s RVs, including:

* Choice of twin-, double-, queen- and king-size beds
* Full bath with shower
* Refrigerator and freezer with ice maker
* Microwave
* Dishwasher
* Full range with oven
* Trash compactor
* Satellite dish
* Internet-ready computer station
* Closed-circuit rear-view camera for backing up
* Washer and dryer
* Whirlpool bath
* Outdoor entertainment center
* Patio awning
* Basement storage
* CD and DVD systems with headphones
* Video game system
* Direct broadcast satellite antennas
* Global positioning systems
* Driver's seat with built-in heat and massage

Why Finance Your RV?

When you finance your purchase instead of liquidating assets or paying cash, you maintain your personal financial flexibility. Plus, your RV may qualify for some of the same tax benefits as a second home mortgage. Of course, check with your tax advisor, but basically to qualify for these benefits, such as the deductibility of interest on the loan, the RV must be used as security for the loan along with providing basic living accommodations such as a sleeping area, bathroom and cooking facilities. Remember, the RV is considered a qualified second residence as long as you designate it for each tax year.

What are the advantages of financing through a RV lending specialist?

Down payments are lower - Although final terms are determined based on your credit profile and the age, type and cost of the RV being purchased, financing through RV lenders usually requires down payments in the 10% range.

Finance terms are longer / Monthly payments are lower - Because RV finance specialists know that RVs maintain their value and resale appeal, they tend to offer more attractive terms. In fact, it's not uncommon to find 15-20 year repayment schedules to help you afford the RV of your dreams.

How does RV financing compare with other payment options?

Borrowing against an owned home is not an option unless the money is used directly for that home. Home mortgage interest deduction is restricted to interest paid on mortgage debt used to purchase or improve a residence, or to refinance the remaining balance on a purchase or improvement. The purchase of an RV, therefore, does not qualify for this deduction. Home equity loans limit the amount of interest that is deductible if your RV loan balance exceeds $100,000. Home mortgage interest deduction is limited to interest paid on home equity loans up to $100,000.

Where Can I Find More Information About RVing?

Contact Earl's Lake Country RVs. We have many years experience in the industry and love to share what we know about RVing! Also, the GoRving web site at www.gorving.com offers a wealth of well-organized information about the RVing lifestyle.